If your Meria account is blocked due to suspicious activity on it, follow this link to contact us and unblock it.

We will invite you to confirm your identity by sending us a selfie, holding your ID card and a document where it says, in handwriting, "For Meria", the current date, your full name and signature, as in the image below.

You will also need to confirm your contact information (email address and phone number). Make sure that these are not compromised. We will then be able to rectify them on your Meria account.

When the account is unblocked, you will be able to create a new password by clicking on "forgotten password" during the connection.

Once access is restored, we strongly suggest that you activate a double authentication method (https://www.meria.com/en/blog/article/comment-configurer-la-double-authentification-2fa- ) on your Meria account.