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What are the fees charged by Meria on management mandates?

The fee policy for management mandates is divided into three parts:

  • Entry fee: 1.5%

  • Management fees (annual): 2% to 2.9%*.

  • Performance bonus: 15%**

*Annual management fees are calculated on a quarterly basis, starting from the mandate launch date. The rate decreases depending on client assets:

  • Less than €100,000: 2.9%

  • Between €100,000 and €500,000: 2,9 %

  • Over €500,000: 2,9 %.

**A 15% performance bonus is applied above 20% performance over an annualized period. The bonus applies only to the portion exceeding 20% performance.

For more information on our fee policy, please contact our sales teams.

For more information on management mandates, visit the management mandate page.

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