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Staking on Meria's platform VS staking on Meria's on-chain validators: what are the differences ?

Here is a summary of the differences between staking on Meria’s platform and staking on our on-chain validators:

Funds Custody:

  • Depositing your tokens for staking on the Meria platform means that Meria ensures the custody of your funds.

  • By delegating your tokens from your personal wallet, you remain in control and responsible for your funds.


  • By staking your tokens on the Meria platform, fees are applied.

  • By delegating to Meria validators from a personal wallet, you operate from your own wallet, hence transaction fees are your responsibility, and fees on the interests may differ.

Here is a dedicated article on the subject, especially to understand the differences applied to airdrops depending on the staking mode chosen: On-chain staking or on a platform: How to be eligible for airdrops?

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