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How to withdraw my staked cryptocurrencies to my bank account?

Step 1:

To withdraw your cryptocurrencies currently invested in a staking contract, the first step is to unstake them. To unstake your cryptocurrencies:

  • Go to your Dashboard.

  • Click on Investments then on Staking.

  • Select ➖ next to the desired contract.

  • Specify the amount to withdraw.

  • Confirm.

The tokens will be available in your Meria wallet once the unstaking period has expired. This period is specific to each cryptocurrency and is indicated in the Fee Policy under the "Token Exit Delay" section. These delays are determined by the underlying protocols and blockchains and cannot be accelerated.

Step 2:

Once available in your wallet, follow the procedure on how to withdraw cryptocurrencies from your Meria wallet to your bank account.

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